Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maniacs at Random Arts

Consider yourselves warned.

June 13th, Saturday
Random Arts
Saluda, NC

Two mini Mixed Maniac workshops!
And a book signing!
And wine while we sign!*

From 10am - noon Debbi Crane, my illustrious co-author, will be leading a larger scale version of the popular project she taught at MIU this year: a "Good Girl" fabric doll. She just sent me one and it is adorable. All materials supplied for just $25! How's that for a stimulus package?

From 1pm - 3pm I will be teaching how to sculpt a character of your own making from polymer clay, a la my Beezle in the Box . Yours might be a bat or an elf or a chicken. It's all good and it's all up to you. Again, you only need to bring your creativity and $25. If you'd like a discount, and who the heck wouldn't, $45 buys you a seat in both classes.

Debbi and I will both have works for sale available throughout the day, including some of the original works featured in our book, Mixed Mania.

Book signing and wining (but no whining) from 3pm - 5pm. What? It's the weekend. Drinking hours don't apply.

Call Random Jane to register for the workshops: 828-749-1165 or email her at randomarts [at] charter [dot] net

Class space is booking up fast, book signing is open to everyone including paparazzi. Hope to see you there.

*There may also be some almond macaroons too, as is the tradition.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peter-Peter Trick-R-Treater

Cooky is organizing a fundraiser for her library in Massachusetts and asked if I could send a Beezle to be auctioned off for the cause.  This is Peter-Peter.  (Hey Flora - thanks for the collar inspiration!)

He's about 9" tall including the base.  Made of polymer clay, paper clay, wire, fabric and wood finished with acrylic paint and chalk pastels.  The collar is made from 2' wide wire ribbon.

The little beanie on his head cracks me up because the boys had hand knit caps like that when they were babies, see?  

Here were are in Cooky & Larry's back yard a million years ago with Hannah and Katie and Lily.  The punkin hats have come full circle.  Yes, I still have them, packed away with the dino suits

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sea Beezles

Remember this swap organized by Zan Asha?  I made two sea creatures and let my swap partner Marie Patterson pick the one she liked more.  She picked the pink one.  I can't wait to get the piece that Marie made.  I'll post pix when I get it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bird Bath

The robin that built this nest abandon it Easter weekend after a terrible storm.  It was empty so she probably found somewhere more private than next to our driveway.  We waited to see if she'd come back but she never did.  Mark got it out of the cherry tree for me today.  A very nice Mother's Day gift.  I put the twin quail eggs in it and put it in our guest bath with my other bird themed goodies.

I added a mommy bird to keep watch over them. 
Here's a little tour of my bird bath.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommy birds everywhere.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Trumpet has been in a bit of a funk lately. Some of you may know that Trumpet and Miss Maggie of Dear Daisy Cottage have had a bit of a falling out. Maggie's moved on. Maybe you saw the comment Trumpet left on the post that broke his heart.

Fickleness thy name is Maggie.

I thought we had something special. That we understood each other. Sure, these long-dog/long-distance things are seldom smooth, but now I see you have a new hound in your life. Flowers, Maggie? I never knew you like flowers. I thought that the occasional stick and dead chickadee was romantic AND original. But you sold me out for some lousy tulips and some soul full eyes.

Well, I hope you two are very happy on your little walk. Really. I'm not bitter. There are other dogs in the park.

If you want me I'll be listening to Sade on my iPup or watching The Notebook over and over and NOT THINKING ABOUT YOU. Or your cute little bandanna. Or the way your ears look all fluffy when you're napping.

Posted by: Trumpet | April 24, 2009 at 10:34 AM

I've been trying to cheer him up, get him "back on the horse" so to speak. I'm thinking of posting this for him on one of the dating sites, maybe Let me know what you think:

Single Black & Tan male seeks female companion who enjoys napping, chewing, and long walks. Chivalry is not dead, I will supply the plastic bag for pick up. I enjoy footwear, dead birds, and rolling in foul-odored, decomposing material. I majored in Liberal Arfs. My philosophy on life is that edible is a state of mind.

I'd like to share my perfect, romantic dinner with you. We'd begin with a flip-flop appetizer by candlelight followed by licking the remnants out of a Lean Cuisine tray with a side of Legos. For dessert: I would love to feed you a very collectible and expensive Yu Gi Oh card. We can finish with two clear pink marbles swallowed whole.

Sense of humor and aversion to Basset Hounds and tulips a must.