Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wrapping and a Rug

Instead of tagging the boys' gifts, this year I color coded.  I'm sure a lot of twin moms do this when their twins are infants, it helps keep pacifiers in the right mouths and is a courtesy to those who can't tell the babies apart.  Reese was red-baby, Connor was blue-baby.  So this year it looked like Christmas in July under the tree.

While I fell miserably short of my 52 canvases for the year, I took on this last painting project today.  I was tired of looking at the bare concrete, so I painted a rug onto my studio floor.  It's just acrylic and graphite.  It was a fun project, but man my knees are killing me.  I now have the urge to sing the theme from Aladdin every time I walk in there.