Sunday, June 28, 2009

Looooong overdue post: Random Arts

Debbi and I had a blast at Random Arts. Debbi taught Good Girls dolls:

We met lots of awesome women:

That's me with Constance Vahoulis.

Debbi and Jane with some Good Girls.

This was the yearly bee I give Debbi for her birthday.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Royal Skelly Arrives & other news

Look what washed ashore!

It's the Queen of Skelly Island, the Under the Sea swap lovely I got from my swap partner Marie Patterson. Ain't she a beaut? Be sure to go to Marie's blog and check out her Etsy shop too. I got an added bonus of one of her darling Spooky Spinners! Marie was a great swap partner and I am so glad that Zan matched us up! Zan, she's like eHarmony for art dollers. The Queen is now displayed in a place of honor on my Halloween shelf. Thanks, Marie!

And while we're on the subject of wonderful artsy stuff that arrives in my mailbox (if anyone else wants to send me presents, just email me for my physical address) I threatened Debbi and she sent me my very own Good Girl doll. Debbi will be teaching a Good Girl workshop this weekend at Random Arts I'll be too busy talking and eating Almond Macaroons and getting ready for my workshop to make one this Saturday, so good thing she sent me this one, huh?

All the Good Girl Dolls that Debbi makes have a little blurb under their skirts. Get your mind out of the gutter, it's not what you think. See, it's the bookbinder in Debbi that drives her to it. As she has said: "All good books have words." It only follows that all Good Girls should too.

And finally, to round out this mish mash post, here are couple little guys I made recently. A departure from my usual. I just went into my studio and started playing with clay and this is what came out. The Mouse Prince is about an inch and a half tall and the Bunny with the banner is about three inches tall. I'm diggin the little ruffled collars. I've seen Flora do them on her Wumbles with crepe paper and had to outfit a couple of my tinies, too. The mouse's is made from copper wire mesh and the other is wired ribbon.