Friday, October 31, 2008

Prato, Prater, Repartee (not a Latin verb conjugation)

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Today I am interviewing Cate Coulacos Prato, aka Vintage Cate, author of Mixed Media Self Portraits, a wonderful compilation of art, techniques and inspiration featuring me, Cheryl Prater, and lots of other great artists you may know.

Is it true that you have the same initials and a similar sounding name as I, Cheryl (Karounos) Prater, co-author of Mixed Mania, now available at all major book stores and online booksellers? 

Yes, Cheryl Karounos Prater and Cate Coulacos Prato, are similar names but that's not really surprising considering we are Siamese twins connected at the Acropolis.  

How much fun was it working with me, Cheryl Prater, for your book?

It was wonderful working with you, as always, especially when I could get you to focus on MY book, Mixed-Media Self-Portraits, instead of your book with Debbi Crane, Mixed Mania, which you were producing at the same time. I especially enjoyed the part where I had to threaten to send Photoshopped pictures of you with Bill Clinton to Mark to get you to meet the deadline.

Cate, why is it that you didn't go with the title I suggested: “Cheryl Prater and also a bunch of her Mixed Media Friends Make Self Portraits and Stuff"?

I was tempted. Really. But aside from Debbi Crane who is also featured, the 21 other artists in the book are not your friends.

Many popular films have been based on books, for example, The Secret Life of Bees is out right now, who do you think will play me, Cheryl Prater, in the movie version of your book? 

Michael Chiklis.

Aside from me, Cheryl Prater, who are your influences?

Cheryl Praton, Sherry Prado, Cherry Potato, and Edith Wharton.


Why do you love and admire me so much?  Because we share a Greek heritage? Because I'm so funny and talented? Because I'm co-author of Mixed Mania with Debbi Crane? (I know it's difficult, but due to space constraints keep your comments brief.  Limit 50,000 characters.)

Um. Okay.

Finally, what response do you have to the rumors that your youngest daughter is promised to one of the Prater boys?

I would say, save the date: May 23, 2018. Zeus and the Olympians have already been booked for the reception.

Well, enough about you Cate, let's talk about me for a change.

Sure. Buy Mixed Mania by Cheryl Prater and Debbi Crane. You'll find it at and, ranked right below the best-selling book in the category, Mixed-Media Self-Portraits by Cate Coulacos Prato.

Thanks Cate.  As always, it's been a pleasure talking with me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't Hang Up!

You know how you have a friend that you think about all the time.  You plan to call or email them everyday but for some reason you don't.  And then inertia sets in and so much time passes since you've contacted them that you're kinda embarrassed to even call?  

Um, yeah.  Hi!  It's me!  I have a really good reason for not checking in sooner but you'll just have to take my word for it. I'm better. I'm fine.  And no, for those of you speculating, I was not forcibly institutionalized, but thanks for your confidence.

Now that THAT awkwardness is out of the way: This is my 200th post.  So in honor of that nearly missed occasion and the upcoming release of Mixed Mania here's the deal:

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While alienating and ignoring all of my old friends, I made a new one. You know, just in case you all moved on without me.  Heather wasn't my friend until she reviewed our book, but that's not why I like her.  I like her because she gave us a good review. You can hear all about it as well as listen to Heather's other engaging podcasts here.  

Under the "close encounters with great artists" heading, I barged into Dan Essig's studio in Asheville on Sunday, forcing him to meet me. I had to.  Debbi has been talking about Dan and his influence on her own bookbinding since I've known her. He was busy and as I told Debbi, I was polite and brief and subdued and generally unlike my usual self so as not to embarrass her. 

The shop at Grovewood Gallery has a couple of Dan's exquisite books that they generously let us handle and admire.  These books are beautiful, like ancient reliquaries. The one Mark is holding in the picture below is a dosey-doe.

Finally, the boys turned 13 yesterday.  An unplanned part of the weekend-long celebration was their buddy John breaking his arm at the skating rink --  three hours away from his parents.  The radiologist said that they called this particular fracture of both the ulna and radius the "dinner fork."  Wanna know why?

So that's about it.  Three months away and that's the best I can do.  Oh, and I'm on FaceBook now for those of you who partake.