Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flip through the pages

Last year, Debbi made me a gorgeous book for my birthday. It took me until last week to get the guts up to make a mark in it. Now I can't stop.

This is the doodle on which I based my lino cut.

Then I started practicing my drawing techniques from "Right Side" and drew and watercolored this topiary that sits on my mantle.

Then some doodles and faces and other things, including a cat that looks like the kind of creature Katie Kendrick might draw.

These faces are sort of androgynous, but lean toward the masculine to my eye. These were freehand with a reference.

I have always admired Judy Wise's paintings and tried my hand using one of hers as a reference. Nowhere near the level that Judy works, but it was fun to do. On 6x6 canvas.

This last one is a painting over a collage based on one of the sketches above. I really enjoyed this method. The marks were made with a General Pencil, the kind that writes on glass, drawn over acrylic and caran d'ache on a 6x6 canvas.

Next post: 200

Pix from our trip to Florida

We were all packed, the dog was wet and smelling up the car, kids were in the backseat fighting. We even rolled out on time: 7am on the dot. First time ever.

Didn’t even get out of the neighborhood when I discovered the boys forgot the books I told them to bring 47 billion times. Back to the house, unlock the door, get books, pile in again.

Mark: Wha—hey, the key won’t turn.

Cheryl: What?

Mark: The. Key. Won't. Turn.

{Insert fifteen minutes of jiggling the key, shimmying the steering wheel, rocking the car, stomping the brake, wiggling the gear shift, pounding head against dashboard, swearing, praying.)

Cheryl: Let me try my key.

No dice. The laws of physics did not change despite my getting into the driver’s seat.

A quick bit of Google research uncovered that it’s likely the ignition lock. We'll probably need a new key lock, key lock housing and possibly a new park lock cable assembly.

Needless to say, Lucy and Desi won’t be going to Florida and the Yukon has gone to the shop.

Note skid marks from the truck being forcibly dragged onto the flat bed.

Bye! Thanks for scraping the foot of the driveway!
See you in about $500.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eavesdropping on the Praters

Mark: You know, Atlanta just isn't freakin' hot enough in July. Isn't there a way we can get closer to the equator without leaving the contiguous US?

Cheryl: Hey! I know! Let's visit my folks in South Florida. We can pack up the boys and the dog and burn about $400 in gas by driving 20+ hours round trip! Oooh....maybe Trumpet will vomit!

Mark: Great idea, but I'm worried about gaining weight while we're at your folks'.

Cheryl: Yeah, my Mom's a great cook.

Mark: True, but it's not that. I'm concerned about the empty calories in all the beer I'll have to drink to get through the visit.