Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flip through the pages

Last year, Debbi made me a gorgeous book for my birthday. It took me until last week to get the guts up to make a mark in it. Now I can't stop.

This is the doodle on which I based my lino cut.

Then I started practicing my drawing techniques from "Right Side" and drew and watercolored this topiary that sits on my mantle.

Then some doodles and faces and other things, including a cat that looks like the kind of creature Katie Kendrick might draw.

These faces are sort of androgynous, but lean toward the masculine to my eye. These were freehand with a reference.

I have always admired Judy Wise's paintings and tried my hand using one of hers as a reference. Nowhere near the level that Judy works, but it was fun to do. On 6x6 canvas.

This last one is a painting over a collage based on one of the sketches above. I really enjoyed this method. The marks were made with a General Pencil, the kind that writes on glass, drawn over acrylic and caran d'ache on a 6x6 canvas.

Next post: 200


Judy Wise said...

wow wow wow! Judy Wise pronounces your work awesome and all your own. Very beautiful. Keep going. xo

Carol Sloan said...

I love this stuff Cheryl! You are on an awesome road here...agree with Judy...keep going, push it till it screams baby! And I love that little katie kitty!

Lori E said...

Great work! I really like the drawing on top of the collage. xoxo.

Chrysti said...

You have an award waiting at my blog! Come & Get It! It's the post entitled - Showin’ Some Blog Love - Meet new Folks!

Thanks for being an inspiration to me!

random notes said...

Yes, those brand new beautiful books so clean, so perfect and now what? Filled with all of your great drawings? How could it be better?

julie m said...

Found you blog because I Googled the authors of the cool book I saw advertised for pre-order. Fairly new to mixed media and wanted to see your work. I definitely like what I see on the blog. Winning the book for the 200th post would be icing on the cake.

bernthis said...

I was reading the comments on my friend Wendi aarons blog and I clicked onto your site. AMAZING drawings. I am blown away and I mean that. I can barely craft an idea never mind something as extraordinary as that.

Mai-Britt said...

Åhh, wonderful work, but I miss the funny teeth on the cartoons...............

Heather said...

OMG you are TOTALLY my hero!!!! Seriously. I have the book with me. I bought GESSO for Goodness Sake!
I saw those self-portraits of you in that book, showed them to my husband and his response, "So you guys know each other?"
You guys have a hit with your book! I love the style (as I said, I love Mason-Dixon and this reminded me of that wonderful banter) and as someone who lives online as well as off, I completely appreciate your relationship with Debbie.

And, you know...the ideas in the book a great too

All the best!!!!

Deirdra Doan said...

Yes I agree with Judy...your work is lovly and all your soft. And I love your snow people!