Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas - this year's card

In order to make up for Mark being the snowman last year, I made him a buff GI Joe. His head is still the size of a 5 gallon paint can, but hey, he's my bucket-head. Love ya, honey.


Anonymous said...

The card is great, both online and in person. Also the doodles are fun. A friend of mine wrote an essay on one of the seven deadly sins for a short collection published by Oxford U. Press, and the illustrations for the entire series were doodles. You might like doodling to lists or themes -- the periodic table of elements, formulas for going from metric to standard weights and measures, the ten worst songs ever written according to Dave Barry.

Love to all in Hotlanta,

calamitykim said...

I LOVE MY CARD!!!! Thank you so very much! Its so funny! You are very creative and such a hoot! I just listened to the messages last night and am so thrilled you will be down here! I would love to meet up with ya!!! I can drive down or meet ya half way or whatever you want to do! I am meeting some Blogger gals on Friday in Cape Coral. It will be fabulous to see you and maybe we can have some crafty fun!!!!

Anna Maria said...

I am in love with my Christmas card and even more in love with the person you must be to actually send some!!
Not in that category this year. Miss our chats and so sorry to be to overwhelmed to be friendly.
Not a good excuse.
hugs and kisses, xoxoAM

random notes said...

Cool Cool Cool... Cheryl. Love it and thanks for sending it snail mail too.
That Cooky has some great ideas. Now you can start thinking about a daily "do it" for '08 thanks to her.Hmmmm.Are the wheels turning?
What dates are you teaching in Saluda? Any ideas yet?

Brogato Family said...

I miss making cookies every year by Auntie Sharon's with Grandma's receipes (along with her written "tips").....it was so fun. I would leave Auntie Sharon's three flat about midnight, with flour from head to toe. Especially when we made those damn, really good, time-consuming cannoli....what a project. Save me some pizelles....see you in 6 days! Oh and cute Xmas card!!