Sunday, March 23, 2008

I've Been Busy Painting....

.....our bathroom. Ack. But it's done. . Two weekends of taping and rolling and boring. Sparkling Sage. It's pretty, but I hate painting walls and cutting in around the trim and all that. No fun. The boys' rooms recently got painted too, thankfully Grandma Carol took that grenade while she was here.

The weekly art for the last two weeks have been their initials and will hang in their new rooms and complement the new color schemes. Much more graphic and surface designy than my usual. The circles are courtesy of the bathroom remodel: I saved the old shower drain -- it makes a great stencil.

The image below on the right is my weekly art from two weeks ago -- I'm not happy with it. I really loved the doodle on the left, which is about 1.5" square. When I tried to replicate it on the 6 x 6 canvas the scale went wrong and the cuteness of my little doodle got lost in the size translation. My bird also seems to have become hydrocephalic. Generally catywampus.

One good thing came out of this failure: this was where I first discovered that the old shower drain made a good stencil -- see the sun in the scene on the right? So it wasn't a total loss. I think the acrylic vs watercolor has something to do with it not being as successful too -- any real painters out there that can help me?


Lori E said...

LOVE the walls! As for your question to "real painters," I will take a stab at it since I am Real and I am a Painter. Two things: 1)the acrylic flattens out the plane relative to the watercolor; and 2) frequently the overall look of an image changes as the scale changes. I find that adorable images aren't quite as cute when enlarged and vice versa. Nevertheless, you are amazing! Can't wait to see you in June.

calamitykim said...

Hey! I saw your pretty face in the Studio issue as well!
Did you like the article?
I am so proud.
I was very upset about my aprons not getting there- but guess I learned a lesson. I had Fred mail them and he took them to work and his secretary took care of it for him-but he never told me that- well- she either put the wrong address on it- I had given him 3 boxes-one with the aprons and two things I had sold. The addresses were taped to the boxes- I needed labels- I think that one of the people got two boxes but no one fessed up. Then I didn't have the receipt- it was a bad time at Casa Calamity- but it was 2 weeks after I had them mailed that I found out that the aprons didn't get to CPS. I will never ask him to help me mail anything ever again- I only did then because I was not feeling well.
The one time that I really felt prepared and on top of it and then that happened.
The pictures of my studio must have been too dark- or maybe because I wasn't in them. I dunno. I was having a difficult time dealing with my parents during that whole time frame. I am sending them a copy of the mag- they will be proud, I hope.
Your doodles are cute btw- I love the small watercolor.
I use watercolor a lot on the paper dolls I do. I have used acrylic on murals. Lori said it well.
Hope you are having a happy Spring and the flood/storms didn't do any damage.
xxxooo kim

Cookie said...

I agree with you, painting walls isn't really fun. The fun is being finished and seeing how great they look, also having wonderful art to hang on those fresh walls. I do like the letters you painted for your boys. They look great!

Now I'm going to add you to my fortune cookie list so that I will be able to find your blog in the future.

Wishing you a great evening and a wonderful week.

Cookie Sunshine

Laurie said...

Hey you!
How are you....creative as ever! Love all your little doodlies! Happy Belated Birthday too, you youngster you! I love the initials that you did.....and ingenious with the shower stopper too! Talk soon,
xoxo,Laurie M.