Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Debbi suggested covering the dowel legs with clay. Good advice.  Now they're much more like my sketches and paintings with the lumpy, misshapen legs.

This is the finished Beezle Pete on his pedestal. 
Drilling the dowel holes into the blocks is so gratifying.
I love seeing all the wood shavings come out.  

Giselle now has a heart on her frock and cotton candy colored tights. 
Someone wants to adopt her.
Don't know if I can part with her yet.


Carol Sloan said...

Awesome. You should make a "Cast of Creatures" and shoot a flick about them. Seriously. I'm sure that you could come up with a script. Invite Judy Wise's circus performers over for a "show down". Great to see those creative juices going...

WA said...

I like Carol's idea. A little stop-motion animation?

julie m said...

definitely cuter with the clay legs. adorable little critters.

Cate said...

When do they go up on Etsy?