Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bulletin Bored? Try this.

The bulletin board over my studio desk was so beat up and fugly, I was sick of looking at it. I almost threw it in the yard sale pile.  But then I thought: hmm, I have some of that wonderful Tula Pink charm pack left and some decoupage medium. A couple hours later here's what it looked like.  No way it's going in the yard sale now.

And here are a two sculpts I'm working on, now re-energized by my colorful inspiration board:

This is my first attempt at sculpting something humanish.  Her head is Sculpey, the up-do is paperclay painted with watercolor.  Still working out the body.  So far its a Diet Coke bottle, one of those miniature glass ones that are so cute.

This is a Sculpey Bumble Beezle.  I used very high speed film to capture her in flight.  Thinking about adding a flower for her to hover over.  Gonna let it sit a while and ferment first.  This was the first piece where I used wire armature for the legs-- that's how I got the bend in them. I think more flying Beezles are in my future.


hokgardner said...

The bulletin board is now a work of art. I love it!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Love, love, love and love that bulletin board! The bumble bee piece looks great too :)


Lance said...

I have a bulletin board, but it doesn't look quite like that lol! Yours really is a work of art now.

Maybe I should post mine some day.