Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dear Miss Emmerton,

I received your letter. So sorry to hear of your misfortune. You must have caught a grippe on Uncle's boat. One must always keep one's paws dry on such occasions or suffer the consequences. Please use greater caution and discretion for the remainder of your time abroad or I shall have to come and fetch you!

As for you mother, she is fine, busying herself digging in the garden and, of course, fussing over your dear sister's upcoming nuptials. There is much commotion over the table linens and the necessary procurement of a particular kind of lace, but I cannot give you many details as I am careful not to involve myself in such matters. Any display of even the faintest interest could result in conversations about the pedestrian qualities of the Battenburg variety for an indeterminable period of time. Mysteriously, your father's work has kept him in the city these many weeks.

Signing off for now. Please give my best to Mrs. Applecross and her young daughter, Miss Lilly. I am sure that the warmer climates and hearty fare of the Amalfi Coast will do wonders for your health. I do hope the accommodations are better than those you described in your last correspondence (dreadful pigeons!) though I'm sure you'll make do and have another delightful misadventure to report.

With warm regards,
Sir Wendell Frazierfield


Anonymous said...

Love the commentary, and Sir Dog.

elizabeth said...

you crack me up!
i check your blog nearly daily...but have been away for a week and was SO happy to read this first funny post.......
batenburg lace is over rated...go with something vintage and hand tatted.......

Cheryl Prater said...


Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!

So true on the batenburg, great for cafe curtains, not even remotely appropriate for a manor wedding. Hand tatted is definately the way to go.

In the future, please travel with a laptop, I can't have you trapsing about and not checking in daily.....think of my self-esteem! It's directly related to my Google analytics!

Don't know how long I'll be channeling the doggy-Jane Austen, but hope you enjoy the ride.