Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sporting Breed

I don't know if I'll continue the dog theme all month, but why stop a good thing now? Here's a noble hound from a piece of paper ephemera I found at, where else? Lakewood 400. Bobby the paper junk guy has a truckload of such treasures delivered once a week!

Here's the original scrap -- I may do all seven breeds, despite the fact that they have omitted the breed of choice. I think this image would look great on a pillow with lots of gold bullion fringe.

For some fabulous Doggie "Works of Arf," check out Krista at Retro Pets. You may see someone you know in the puppy personals.

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Daisy Cottage said...

ROFL ~ "Liberal Arfs" ~~~~~~
HYSTERICAL! Thanks, I loved reading that!