Friday, April 10, 2009

Age of Aquarius

(singing to self) "This is the dawning of the age of the Under the Sea Swap hosted by Zan Asha at Wild at Heart Art, the Under the Sea Swap hosted by Zan Asha......"  

Oh. Hi. Um. Didn't see you standing there. So. Have you heard about the Under the Sea Swap Zan Asha is hosting? What? You don't know Zan?  Why, she's a new art dolling friend of mine with a super cool name. Sounds like she might be part anime or something, maybe related to this guy?

Anyway.  You can click on the badge below for all the details but basically, here's all you need to know: if you like art dolls and swaps, sign up at Zan's site before May 8th, ok?  I've already jumped in.  Yep.  I'm swimming in my first swap ever.  Debbi is off the deep end too.  Come on in -- the water's fine!

Here's a sample of Zan's work, it's an adorable Sea Kitten.  Not to be confused with these.  

You can get you some of Zan's cute creatures at her Etsy shop here. And remember: you should always wait at least 45 minutes after eating before signing up for any water-related art swap.


Zan Asha said...

Cheryl!! Hahaaaa! I love you, and thanks for reposting!! Hmm, you know, I think I MIGHT JUST BE related to some anime people--I sometimes find myself talking out of synch...alot :D

I still worry about the Sea Kitten thing though....hmmmm....

Thank you again!!!!!

Pattee said...

I am hoping to join this swap it sounds like such fun!