Friday, April 3, 2009


I received this lover-ly award from my new cyba-sistah, Kristen Beason.  I found Kristen through another blog that I had found through yet another. I then cyber-stalked her until she finally replied to my comments and emails and FB pokes -  I guess friending me was cheaper than getting the attorney to file the restraining order.

Kristen Beason Designs 2009 - March STJ Piece

For those of you who don't know Kristen, you will soon.  Kristen is an active member of the American Holiday Artists, EHAG and Spooky Time Jingles. It seems as though these doll and holiday folks are all very talented and unnaturally nice.  They willingly share their tricks and treats, providing lots of eye-candy for we blog cruisers knocking on their doors, looking for something sweet.  I have added several of them to my link-o-rama and added even more to my Google reader.

Kristen Beason Designs 2009 - March STJ piece

If you are like me and love chasing links down virtual rabbit holes and finding yourself in new wonderful worlds - do what I did: when I went to Kristen's blog to collect my award, I followed the link to the blogger that gave the award to her. I saw who he nominated and who nominated him and as a result found several more wonderful blogs I wouldn't have found otherwise.  It's way more productive than taking yet another stupid quiz on FB to determine what type of salad dressing you are. (Yes, I'm Green Goddess, duh.)

AND, while I'm giving out unsolicited advice on how you spend your surf time, if you haven't done so, I encourage you to subscribe/follow blogs you enjoy and build your own custom, virtual, on demand magazine.  I have so many that I follow now, I can take a five minute break, go into my reader, and get lost in the creations and musings of my artsy pals.   

This award is to be paid forward to 7 more blogs, I have chosen ones that are either new to me or my link-o-rama. Do yourself a favor and go visit these bloggers:
  1. Bone Head Studios
  2. Fishstikks
  3. Holiday Queen
  4. Chicken Lips
  5. Crescent Hill Designs
  6. Christine Alvarado
  7. Sweet B Folkart
In honor of these Halloween-enamored and/or doll-making friends, here is a skelly Beezle who's a little of both.  Enjoy your blog tour!


Chicken Lips said...

Cheryl - I really appreciate you thinking of me! Honestly, when an artist as great as yourself thinks my work is worth taking a look at...well, it just makes me feel all warm inside! And by the way, the skelly Beezle is absolutely wonderful!!!

Nicks said...

OOOOOOooo I just love your Skelly watsit, I love skeletons, shame I will never see my own!

PS, if the grungepaper stands up to any amount of use, I'll make you a case, if of course you were serious and not just being kind!

Nat said...

Your sculptures are very creative. I love the bunnies above and the bee below.

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Well, color me taken aback! What a super nice blog post. You just made my weekend, even though I'm suffering from a terrible headache. Glad you were able to find more cool blogs. I wish I had more time in the day to click here-and-there, so many blogs, so little time.

P.S.~Yes, the restraining order was too much of a hassle ;+) lol, you make me laugh!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

BTW, your new background ROCKS!

Christine said...

Awww..thanks!! You made my day!I know a few of the others you have awarded but I shall check out the ones I dont know! Your new work is really fun;)

Designs By CK said...

Hi Cheryl ~ Popping in to say hello & what a FUN blog. Your artwork is FUN too!!!

I'm lucky enough to own several of Kristen's pieces. She is such s sweetie!

Happy Sunday

Chris (-:

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Wow Cheryl, how nice to be mentioned like that! I love "blog surfing too" - and I am so glad to have found yours. Your skelly Beezle is love-er-ly!

- Sweet B

venus said...

What a great post. I am totally inspired.
I love your blogs and i often visits your blogs.... Thanks for the post.

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