Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peter-Peter Trick-R-Treater

Cooky is organizing a fundraiser for her library in Massachusetts and asked if I could send a Beezle to be auctioned off for the cause.  This is Peter-Peter.  (Hey Flora - thanks for the collar inspiration!)

He's about 9" tall including the base.  Made of polymer clay, paper clay, wire, fabric and wood finished with acrylic paint and chalk pastels.  The collar is made from 2' wide wire ribbon.

The little beanie on his head cracks me up because the boys had hand knit caps like that when they were babies, see?  

Here were are in Cooky & Larry's back yard a million years ago with Hannah and Katie and Lily.  The punkin hats have come full circle.  Yes, I still have them, packed away with the dino suits


Georgina said...

Beezle is the best!

Zan Asha said...

Awww, everyone and everything is cute--Beezle, babies, babies hats, kids and YOU! :D

Doreen said...

LOVE the new piece...very cute..and love those pumpkin hats!!!


Bone*Head*Studios said...

AHHHHHHH he is just tooooooooo adorable!!!..I LOVE him too!!!!

Anonymous said...

From Cooky -- The Beezle was a grand success at our library auction in Williamsburg Massachusetts. It was displayed with Cheryl and Debbie's book and garnered much admiriation and a great price. Cheryl donated the Beezle -- she was in superb company: Dale Moore jewelry,
Mara Superior pottery, book art from Red Trillium Press, paintings from Bill Rohan, Randall Diehl, Roy Superior and Brooke Schnabel. I drop these names not only to tout the auction's success but to make a point about the generosity a lot of artists demonstrate at events like ours. They donate artwork to so many causes -- we should all be grateful.

The little pumpkin beezle was cute and edgy, and displayed beautifully. Thanks so much!

venus said...

LOVE the new piece...very cute.
adorable...The little pumpkin beezle was cute and edgy, and displayed beautifully. Thanks so much!
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Anonymous said...









Decorative moldings said...

So cute! What a wonderful work. God bless.

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Jassica said...

The Beezle was a grand success at our library auction in Williamsburg Massachusetts.

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