Monday, June 11, 2007

Printmaking Bootcamp

Part of what was so crazy about "Printingmaking Funhouse" was that at Sunday night "orientation" we just started printing these big sheets of Japanese paper and other stuff without knowing how it would come together or without knowing quite what we were doing. It was kind of like getting off the bus at boot camp all new and disoriented and the drill instructor saying, "Drop and give me 50" and then shaving your head completely bald.

(woodblocks furnished by K. Borcherding)

Kate would say "Pick out two small-patterned 6 x 6 wood blocks and one large-pattern....use low contrast color combinations and fill up a whole 22 x 30 sheet," and we would. Never really knowing how all of it was going to come together in the end. It was like one big huge trust-fall exercise.

The next day she'd say, "Pick out some of the photocopies you brought along and make paper plate lithographic prints with them." I got this:

Then we etched some pieces of plexi glass the way she showed us and printed and watercolored some of them.

My area of the studio wall looked like this by the end of day Wednesday. I still had no earthly idea how I would pull it all together into one cohesive piece.

But it did come together. More than once. Here are a couple of samples of the end results.

Watercolored dry point etching mounted on litho print (4 x 5)

Watercolored dry point etching, litho printed image in cut out mounted on woodblock printed paper (4 x 4)

Dry point etching printed on vintage apple cider label mounted on wood block printed papers (6 x 6)

Dry point etching printed on cookbook page, litho of bird painting, mounted on wood block printed papers (6 x 6)

Dry point etching printed on vintage postcard, litho printed hat mounted on wood block printed papers embellished with holey paper (6 x 6)

And to think I took this class because I thought there would be one of those fun house mirrors in the studio that would make me look impossibly tall and thin......this was way better.


GeorgiePorgie said...

Wow, great stuff, Cheryl. Betty Radtke might like to see soem of these. That haunted look of aunt Irene is so powerful.


katie said...

this sounds like a fun class, cheryl - and talk about fast paced!! the cookbook page is my very favorite. i hope you'll tell me about it more when i meet you IN PERSON this weekend - whoo hoo - i'm so excited! and there must be a story behind the mirror thing... :-) see you in a couple days. xo katie

Brogato said...

Love it .... Love it!!! You do such creative work. I'm always amazed at how you come up with these great ideas! Love and miss you.
My life is over.....First week of school out.

I believe in school 365 days of the year.

Laurie Mika said...

Hi there,
Looks like Arrowmont was a very inspirational place for you...I love the pages you did and of course, I LOVE the head with the twin embryo's inside....Teapot, NEXT....

e. beck said...

what gorgeous pieces!!
well done!

stereoghost said...

hi cheryl!
I'm totally digging your blog, it's awesome. I took your advice and decided to start my own here...

take care,
amanda sparks