Saturday, June 9, 2007


I spun off into the art-mosphere on a rocket trip to Arrowmont. Coming back to real life is pretty bumpy. Sure I missed my fellas, but my week away was so worth it. This first trip to sleep-away art camp reminded me of how I felt during my first trip to Europe - I knew it was an absolutely life changing experience. I'm bone-tired, but still buzzing from everything I saw and learned, the people I met and the ideas presented.

We had a fantastic instructor who has likely ruined me for all subsequent teachers: Kate Borcheding. Don't bother googling her - apparently she's in the witness protection program. Kate is a Full Professor at Sam Houston University. She is wonderfully accomplished, patient, smart, wise, and talented. All that combined makes for a successful artist, as well as an excellent teacher. The best players aren't always the best coaches; not true of Kate. I didn't get to say goodbye and thank her again.

Here's a shout out to the birthday girl. My journey was all the more fabulous thanks to my fellow traveler.

I will be posting more about what I learned and what I made, but right now Conn wants me to go make chocolate chip cookies with him (read: break dough apart and bake.) For now, here's a bit of what I did: two prints from dry point etching plates and my daily tiles that form a visual journal of my Arrowmont experience. The tiles have samples of a couple of the printmaking techniques Kate taught us. We made collages from our prints so more pix of completed works to follow.

Glad I went. Glad I'm home. Now I just have to get re-acquainted with gravity.

p.s. Lori E - don't have your email afterall - drop me a line, ok?


Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
I was feeling guilty for not checking your blog but actually I see you've been THAT busy that I'm just in time to catch up! Sorry I missed you when you where in Chi Town! You know I love you.

OK, all these pics and stuff you've posted since your junking trip are just amazing!

We had some Michael issues, hence my pure exhaustion when you were in town but he is much better now.
We're off to Nevada for a week on the 15th. Wish us luck that no one has panic attacks on the airplane or at the grand canyon. lol.

Love you,

Lori E said...

So glad to discover your post this afternoon when I am missing Arrowmont and new dear friends! I would much rather be laughing and creating with you than doing laundry...

I am emailing you my email address separately.

Rest up!

random notes said...

Your drawings are awesome Cheryl and I cannot wait to see everything next weekend in Saluda. Are you sure that you are going to have the energy for another jolt of creativity? How well do I know you? hmmmmm.

judy coates perez said...

Oh i bet you had such a blast. I have always wanted to do one of those week long art camp things. look forward to seeing more fun stuff you made.