Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Virtual Shopping at Random Arts

I finally put down my shopping basket and picked up my camera long enough to get some pictures of Jane Powell's precious little shop, Random Arts --- the creative epicenter of Saluda and the surrounding Carolina mountains. Case in point: the radiant Katie Kendrick just conducted a fabulous three-day workshop there. Look here for other upcoming workshops with Jane as your host, hmmmm, September 22nd looks interesting.....

Part gallery, part studio, and part fabulous retail store, Jane's place is chock full of unusual items. I have often found that perfect something to complete a piece in one of the little bins at Random Arts.

Would you like to browse the shelves, stacks and various nooks and crannies with me? Ok , let's!

Hey, who's on the cover of that issue of CPS?

Now don't hate me for teasing you with all this wonderful stuff, because you can quench your thrist for spectacular goodies by visiting Jane's eBay store. She has assembled custom packets of funkiness especially for YOU. These packages of "assorted goods" are great samplers of the kitchy and unusual items Jane offers. (Come to think of it, kitchy and unusual are good descriptions for Jane, too.)

So next time you're in Saluda, NC, make sure to stop by and tell Jane I sencha. Who knows what wonderful discoveries await you?


Laurie Mika said...

Hi there,
Ok, I want to go shopping there...what great shots you took...I loved looking at them blown up and seeing the details of the little items she has in the bins! Off to go check out the Ebay store! And congrats on teaching a class there...way to go! Off to Argentina in the morning...adios y hasta lluego! Su amiga, Laurie

Brambleberry said...

It looks like Heaven on Earth.

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow what a fabulous shop, love your photos, thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog