Sunday, July 8, 2007

Seven Things That Rock

Deb Silva must be 100% again because she's back to her old tricks - tagging innocent bystanding bloggers. Sheesh! At least her tags are fun and don't require a lot of interspective thought. So, in no particular order:
Arrowmont - I'm going back in September for a weekend class, see link - more later

Transformers - I love explosions, and implosions too, it was a fun flick.
Moo Cards - I ordered mine, on the way Royal Mail 1st Class - high line, baby.

Michael Buble - He's coming to Atlanta, but unlike Judy, I would have to pay and see him with thousands of other people.

The Internet - I love the internet. I have made so many friends, virtually visited so many places and learned so much. It is absolutely the rockinest invention since the cell phone. I love flickr and Etsy and Technorati , so flippin cool! (Deb, check the rule book: does flippin cool qualify as rockin? If so, I've caught my limit and then some.)

Dachshunds - the dog of choice. Half a dog tall, two and a half dogs long. Special bonus points if they are standards, longhaired, male and named Trumpet.

Humor - I am blessed with a good sense of it, thanks to my wonderfully silly parents. I married someone with a sharp, dry wit and our boys make us laugh all the time. Sometimes intentionally.

Note to the first people who read this post -- you know who you are (you really don't but play along, ok? ) Tag, you're it. Leave your list in the comments.


Brambleberry said...

1. Coffee.
2. Chocolate
3. A great book on a rainy day, with coffee and chocolate
4. Nice sheets--dried on the clothes line
5. a great pair of Jeans--the slimming kind.
6. Crusty bread and hearty soup in the winter
7. Christmastime

debbi crane said...

1. My husband
2. My girls
3. Bass Pro Shop
4. Hummingbird Art Camp
5. Art which embodies intelligence and beauty on mulitple levels.
6. Project Runway
7. The Fray

Deb Silva said...

You are always such a good sport about being tagged, big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Vintagecate said:
1. Old houses (especially mine)
2. Tea and scones with homemade jam.
3. My girls.
4. Quilting Arts Magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors (esp. working there)
5. Shakespeare.
6. Scoring a great vintage "find" at a yard sale.
7. The love of my Big Fat Greek Family.

kimberly sherrod said...

1. My Son Troy who is never going to finish college because he is so happy at FSU
2. Cup o' Java and the latest QA, CPS or ME and the time to really read them
3. Walking around St Armand's Circle while holding hands with my Husband and then getting an ice cream cone
4. Remembering my Grandmother with some stitching in her lap watching Sat afternoon Elvis movies
5. Finding a milk glass lamp with no chips
6. Finding a rock shaped like a heart
7. Sunsets at the beach
8. When my Grandson Austin calls and leaves me a message (that I can understand!)
9. Knowing that middle age is better than I had thought it would be
Err, was it only 7?? That's middle age for ya- I forgot How many things were Rockin!

e. beck said...

1. road trips ...just got back from one
2. the beach favorite place to visit
3. biking .... we are a biking family ...hang five of them on the car on the best road trips
4. tennis ....i'm new at it and JUST learned a good serve...though i'm a bit nervous that the next time i'm out i won't be able to serve right again.....
5. my paper bins for collages.....maps, dictionaries, old books, bingo cards, monopoly bits
6. huge canvases for big ole' collages
7. my happy computer life with blogs and flickr and more diversions than one girl should be allowed to have

GeorgiePorgie said...

What a great group you guys are - I could hang out with all of you. I think brambleberry hit the most responsive chord and has me ringing with sympathetic vibrations. Did I hear chocolate - rainydaybook with chocolate? Slimmming jeans - where do I go for those? Crusty bread with soup? In the old days in Greece, that was a gustatory delight. You are all very blessed!

Cheryl's Dad (my claim to fame)

judy coates perez said...

I am working on my list, up to 4, I think I will have to steal Cates tea and warm scones though. yummmm! oatmeal scones with dried cherries and chocolate and a cuppa earl grey with cream.

Gina B. said...

I'm a little late, but here goes . .

1. Pizza
2. Chocolate
3. A hot bath with long lasting bubbles.
4. A full body massage -- either professional or personal ;-)
5. My parents. My dad, a musician, literally rocks!
6. Arriving at home after a visit from the cleaning service -- the fresh, clean smell
7. Animals
8. A great relationship

That was 8, but I think, somehow, that you'll give me a pass. :-)

random notes said...

1. Watching for new morning glories every morning and moonflowers at night.
2. fabric folded into little squares. love the colors
3. the movie somethings gotta give
4. Italian Bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with fresh mozarella cheese and maybe some roma tomatoes and fresh basil,
5. watching seeds grow and transplanting them into little pots
6. applying paint to anything
7.traveling to Montana to see my daughter

random notes said...

Can I add one more?