Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ten Tiles, Two Words

Here are the ten tiles I've completed since the last bunch I posted.

I went to a jewelry party tonight at a neighbor's house and ordered a really cool custom necklace from Michelle Rhodes. I can't wait to get it.

Turns out I have met Michelle before but didn't realize it until I saw her tonight. She makes really fabulous stuff. I could have bought a bunch, but stopped myself at one piece. Some of her necklaces are really chunky with big hunks of semi-precious stones on them, others are more delicate with words of the wearer's choosing stamped into them.

I chose a reversible charm with a smokey amethyst suspended from it that will have two words embossed on it - one on each side. I picked two words I thought were cute, but would love your suggestions.

It's an interesting exercise to try and sum yourself up in two words. My friend Lolo asked me what two words I thought she should put on her charm, I suggested "self" & "tanner" but she went with something else.

So at the risk of opening myself to some potentially painful reality: What two words do you think I should put on my charm? What two words would you pick for yourself?

As you are conjuring up some great words, I'll leave you with a simple request in the form of a two word quote from my dad: "Be nice." - Georgie Porgie (1983)


debbi crane said...

My two words? The ultimate duality: wanting and having

e. beck said...


judy coates perez said...


GeorgiePorgie said...

Hey, I was just paraphrasing Thumper's mother (Disney's BAMBI for you youngsters out there) who told him "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all".

My two words would be Health & Love.


Deb Silva said...

LOVE them all!