Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Arrivals

A while back, I asked for some opinions on whether or not I should produce my own line of rubber stamps. The idea has been gestating and growing thanks to your kind replies and encouragement. Above is a picture of what the stork brought today: three stamp prototypes. As you can see I received one mounted on wood (image measures precisely 1.5" square) and two unmounted (approx 1.5" x 2").

The unmounted ones are die cut and came with die cut foam pads with double stick tape on both sides. Once I mounted the rubber to the foam pad, I didn't even need to stick it to a block, it worked great. Picture a foam stamp with a rubber stamping surface - that's what it's like. In the pic above, I hadn't adhered the foam to the rubber yet, but you get the idea -- work with it, ok?

So here's my new super-scientific marketing question:

Mounted or unmounted - which do you prefer?

I have always purchased mounted, but they do take up a lot of storage space. I like being able to identify the stamp from the image on the block. I also think it will merchandise more nicely in a, ooh let's say some random store setting.

It was brought to my attention, however, that unmounted stamps offer some advantages - they are a little less expensive, take less room to store and allow stamping on surfaces that aren't flat like a book spine or a jar (10 gallon hat tip to Calamity Kim on that last point - never thought about that.)

I made three tiles today in honor of my newborn triplets: Lefty the Bird, Charlotte Deux (yes, Debbi, she's seasick), and Waiting to Hatch. With any luck, along with lots of care and feeding and late nights, they'll grow up into a full grown, commercially available stamp line. Stay tuned.
Hatch, the last one in the line up above, was stamped with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Antique Photo and then watercolored -- this is the same technique I described in the CPS eNewsletter, Embellishments. To see a couple more examples click here. You can sign up to receive Embellishments and get the latest info on products and techniques.
Now I gotta go and burp Lefty - he's a little refluxy.


Lynne said...

Hi Cheryl, the stamps look great! Personally I'm a convert to unmounted as they are much easier to store especially when space is as much an issue as it is for me these days! I've always found the quality of the stamped image to be just as good and it's easier to position your stamp exactly where you want it when you use clear acrylic blocks. However, if I really like an image I'll still buy it wood mounted if it's only available that way.

random notes said...

Lefty? Righty? the difference is? Very cool Cheryl. The images are clear clean and crisp. That's for me- the 3 c's. Anyway, I like the seasick one the best I will take one of each, mounted please, thank you very much.
I don't want or need any extra work when I sit down to be creative sooooo, mounted it is for me but I "get" the space thing (it's all true). Lynn is right, one way or the other if the image is good.... it's good. Anniestamps will be wood mounted only because I said so and I'm the boss - sometimes.

Suzanne said...

Great stamps! I prefer unmounted stamps because of the price,they are easier to store (I use CD cases which I label. I also stamp each image on a card which I slide into the case so I can see images quickly) and because they travel lightly. Ditto Lynne on the placement of clear stamps being easier, too.
Suzanne G in NC
~looking forward to meeting you up in Saluda! -fingers crossed :)

e. beck said...

in theory, i want to appreciate the price, the flexibility, the ease of placement, the portability of unmounted...but every stamp i own is mounted......what's up with that? .......i think it is easier to "shop" mounted? i vote mounted, but truthfully think i might be too dorky to be allowed a vote......

katie said...

oooohhhh, love these cheryl - how cool to see your art in a stamp! i'd like to try a few of my pieces as stamps to, who did you go through, inquiring minds want to know, pleeeeze....

and i definately prefer unmounted - for all the reasons you've already stated. i usually buy stamps by the sheet too....

Deb Silva said...

You are an inspiration my darling!!!!
Wow - love em! They look cool mounted - but i buy unmounted more often-
way lot of love at ya!

Anonymous said...


How cool to see them for real (well almost, they're not in my hands yet!)

I second what e.beck said. For all practical purposes, I think unmounted, however, I never use my unmounted stamps.
I just love to look at the images on wood and grab and go!

I think that sums it up.

love ya,