Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yipee Doodles & Week 8


Laurie said...

Hi there you 41 year old you!
Hey, you are still a baby! I turned 55 a few weeks just try and catch up! Like your new little dooodly guys...they are cute! Just checking in, it has been so long! Happy Birthday!
xoxxo, Laurie

Anonymous said...

So cute !! I love the chicken. I could so see these at hallmark :)
Hope all is well. Would love an update

Kim D.

Cheryl Prater said...

Kim D! I lost your email and phone number when my computer me and I'll give you the update. Been thinking of you!

WA said...

Too bad--I'm reading your blog. Or rather, looking at. That is some really cool art! You got some skills.

And "unclean thoughts about Ryan Seacrest"...? LOL.

cookiesunshine said...

so cute! I love your work