Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Arrowmont 08

Debbi and I registered this morning for our second-annual-sleep-away-art-camp-printmaking-palooza. The instructor is Diane Fine, hers is the piece pictured above. Can't wait. Last year was so great. Here are a couple of shots from the journal of my maiden printmaking voyage. On a loosley related note, be sure to treat yourself and go to Debbi's blog and read her essay "The Green Spine." Lovely.

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katie said...

oh you lucky, lucky girls!!! this looks like a wonderful class, and that you get to share it together couldn't be better. i tried to finagle a class at either arrowmont on penland when i was out east but it just didn't work this year. one of these days.

i hope you're doing well, you're in my thoughts. sending big hugs your way.