Monday, May 26, 2008


Less than two weeks till I make my annual pilgrimage to Arrowmont. Despite Debbi's encouragement to "go in cold," I am experimenting with lino prior to Diane Fine's class. Above is my first effort inked with a dye ink pad and run thru my pasta machine. I am very excited about experimenting and getting more proficient.

While we were in Nashville over the weekend, my aunt, Betsy Karounos, gave me a short tutorial on basic lino carving. See some of Betsy's award-winning prints here. I wish I could spend a month under her instruction.

Lori E, Debbi and I will all be roomies in the barn. Anyone else goin to Gatlinburg?

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Carol Sloan said...

Cool! That sounds like so much fun! No kids? No housework? No problem! Have an awesome time! I went to Random Arts yesterday...I am in love...seriously in love with that place!