Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Don't Like it When Mark's Out of Town

10. The dog was without water for at least a day before I noticed.
9. I have been doing all the laundry.
8. Our grass is higher than the neighbors'.
7. I don't like touching the garbage can.
6. No one is here to make me a protein shake.
5. My car is dirty.
4. The kids don't fear me.
3. The bananas are going bad before I can eat them all.
2. I don't know how to work the grill.
1. There's no one to open the pickle jar.


cookie said...

All important items.
I hope your Mark returns soom.
No one should ever have bananas go bad! Oh, the shame!!!


Kelly said...

Hi Cheryl!

It was deelightful meeting you, Mark, Connor, Reese and Trumpet! I found your blog and Betsy's right...it's wonderful! Now I ask you....how FAIR is it to hog ALL the artistic talent in one family!? Just sayin'...no envy or bitterness at ALL (wink).

Seriously, I hope you and Bets were able to sneak out to the studio this weekend to create wonderful things. What fun!

Hope to see you again when you swing back through Nashville.

Cheers, Kelly

Lori E said...

Mastering the grill is a mandatory life skill! I will explain it to you when I see you at Arrowmont in just two weeks.