Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Drought's Over

Just when I was convinced that The Book had drained me of every last creative impulse, every corny, alliterative pun, every urge to pick up a caran d'ache and scribble with joyful, reckless abandon --- I'm back among the media mixing.

Haute Couture

And now that I'm back, I have an announcement to make. There's been a lot of heated debate, name-calling, and controversy over just what exactly these green thingies are. Debbi, Courtney and Whitley all insist they're bunnies, my dad calls them "toothy trolls" and I've always thought of them as partially evolved lizard/dino creatures. Over the last several months the Praterposte Doodle Kingdom has grown to include all sorts of dentally-challenged misfits, so a phylum has been created in the hopes of laying this issue to rest at last.


They're Beazles, ok? I have no further comment and will leave the rest of the kings playing chess on fine grained sand for another post.

Well, I'm glad we've got THAT out of the way.

So. I bought a lovely charm pack of fabric yesterday. The line is called Flutterby and it's designed by some chick who calls herself Tula Pink. With a handle like that, you know she's gotta be some kinda dang surface design genius.

Anyhoo, I incorporated this yummy Flutterby stuff into a few paintings in two ways: as clothing as seen above and just below, and as a background element in the last two. (Sorry about the blurry pix, but my camera got stolen in Jamaica a couple of months ago. I know, you really feel for me having been the victim of crime while vacationing in the Caribbean in the dead of winter.) The iPhone ain't the greatest for taking snaps and I can't scan these either because of the 3-D stuff poking out of them so just squint and pretend they're in focus. See, that's not so bad.

Hannah's Mary Janes

These last two pay homage to Tula Pink and her bugged out designs.


Ok, this is the part of the program where Debbi needs to log off or be clobbered with an image of her birthday present. I know. This is silly. As if Debbi reads my blog.

Deb Bee

I never did show y'all what Debbi made me for my birthday. Know why? Because the pix were blurry, but now that we've all got this squinting and pretending routine down I might just do that.


random notes said...

finally after this long wait - we have "BEAZLES" - and I thought they would never have a real name.

GeorgiePorgie said...

When are you going to do a children's book about the Beazles? I t would be a toothsomke, mouthful of new creatures on the scene to teach kids about right and wrong and learn some "ugly duckling" mores. They may look dentally challenged, however, I feel a great moral strength emanating from them. I want to know their story.


Anonymous said...

I think Georgie Porgie is right. These Beazles have lessons for us. Write on! L,cp

Carol Sloan said...

Love the name! I also agree with Dad...come on know that you can wring ONE more creative cell outta that brain of yours! Thanks for the link to The Book. I preordered! Now, meet me in Hendersonville or Saluda and SIGN IT! Hey, maybe by the time we go to JCP classes, it will be here...

e. beck said...

i'm digging the beazles ..... i'm relieved that i finally know what to call them ....

lia said...

ohmy, these are really, really cute and lovely at the same time! love them! I see you've been a busy bee...or beazle! I love your top 10 list too. You sound like a greek diva. are you greek? haaaaa....
xo lia