Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Rawk!

Thanks to Deb Silva.

I'm a little choked up.



BookGirl said...

I look forward to the award-acceptance speech. No doubt you're taking a little time to make a list of all the "little people" who contributed to your success.


kimberly sherrod said...

hey, you ain't no piker! I have never read anywhere that anyone ever saw you picking your nose!
don't fret, sistah. If I show off my hangers- everyone is gonna want some!!! Actually I was going to blog about them and beg people to find more for me! I have lots of vintage barbie clothes that would be swell on those hangers on some dang art or that there....I'm still mowing. it's awfully hot hotside. I may be having a stroke.....

kimberly sherrod said...

cher- still no box! Should we send out an alarm? What ya up to? You must be really busy. Hope you're having fun.