Monday, August 27, 2007

Greek Speak

I never pledged a sorority in college. I figured I was already Greek. Despite that, my friend Laura (she owns Trumpet's Uncle Domino) asked me if I would come and speak to her Pan-Hellenic club about Art Everyday. (Laura's not too smart as is evidenced by the fact that she asked me to talk.) She further offered to pay for my gas - I figured it would be about $1200 to get the Yukon down to Peachtree City so I happily agreed.

On the E-vite that Cele sent out, she told everyone that I had been on HGTV. Not true. Should be true, but alas, erroneous information. (She constantly confuses HGTV with Dog the Bounty Hunter). So I started out my introduction by dispelling several rumors and myths -- celebrities need to do this all the time.
  1. I have never been on HGTV, but have been known to watch it.
  2. I have never piloted the space shuttle.
  3. I have never been playmate of the year.
  4. I have never won the Iditarod.
  5. Any hopes of getting "cultured" as a result of my little speech were completely unfounded.
The club President, Chantal, graciously hosted the meeting in her lovely home. I met lots of nice ladies, sealed the exits and yacked about how I got started on Art Everyday (Debbi Crane) as well as how I went from corporate statistic to mixed-up media artist and book author in less than three years. The ladies were wonderful - my favorite kind of audience: captive.

A Greek girl with a whole bunch of "Greek" girls.

This is Debbie. She missed the group photo so we took this one. She's an absolute hoot! Debbie was the only person in the group who had heard of CPS or Etsy. No worries, I am evangelizing the message of collage and hope to the masses. Debbie has a darling Etsy shop where she makes tassels out of vintage salt and pepper shakers. I want one from the dog of choice, Deb.

Thanks to everyone at the ASCAPA for suffering me and for this neat-o Certificate of Appreciation - so sweet! A special thanks to my girlfriend,Laura for the great intro and the fab salad at Tea Fusions. Y'all were great hostesses. I'd love to come back next year if you'll have me.


debbie scott said...

i am So excited to read your blog- post about our meeting! thank you, too, for mentioning My Little May find a Surprise in your mail box soon...! (of course, you May Not; 50-50 chance i'd say...but not because i didn't think about it...and thinking is certainly an Important First Step!)
i want to tell you, your's was the most wonderful presentation we've had...and we've had some great ones! i Love Love Love your Work...the kind of thing i usually only Drool Over in magazines or on- line...and here it was in person! i Don't Think i got any on your art work (drool, that is...!) but if i did, Be Nice and don't tell me!! it was truely an honor to meet such a Fun, Awesome, Accomplished Artist-type!OMG...this sounds so lemme just say you were a Blast to be with and i hope i get to spend time with you again Real Soon!! oh, and isn't it just Too Too Fun to see what altering the pixel ratio on a photo does to your body? that IS what happened, isn't it? i didn't concentrate on Your figure all that much, but i know Mine doesn't really look like that!!
hey, Nobody Else gets to read this, do they?
Wag More, Bark Less!
Fondly and Artfully,
debbie scott

katie said...

oh cher,
you never cease to amaze me with your stand-up talent, you need to be on tv, doll.....

such a sweet photo of you and the other greeks. i know you're teaching engagement at Random Arts is swiftly approaching, so wish i could be there as i just know if would be a boone to my health, all that belly laughing and artmaking. you are going to video tape, it right... :-)

random notes said...

Ditto Ditto Miss Katie. You said it so well. Yes, Cheryl NEEDS to be on TV. Paul said that the first time he met her. She missed her calling or she is just beginning to live her calling. Cheryl, we are talking about you behind your back.
Yes, Katie, she is hysterical and cannot wait for her to be here in Saluda. I will have to quote Katie so I can entice more students for your class on Sept 22nd.

kimberly sherrod said...

Hope they didn't laugh so hard that they spit up their spanakopita!!! You are such a hoot! I just came by to say that I received that cute, precious, lovely, imaginative, darling, keeping-it-forever apron invitation and am thinking about what to make! You and Debbi rock mighty hard! Thank you so much! I am trying to get organized to come to Saluda, will let you know... have a great day!

lia said...

How fun! You are too gorgeous! :) Lia