Friday, August 24, 2007

In honor of Trump's win

Trumpet took a four point major today and we're celebrating here at Praterposte with adorable flickr-lifted images of the dog of choice.

I knew doxies could fly! Vicki over at I Need Orange found this on flickr and it's too cute not to share. Vicki has an appreciation for short-longs as she has a corgi. The Queen breeds her Corgis to her Doxies and makes Dorgis - that makes Vicki and I practically related.

"In this painting, the Queen is shown with some of her favourite dogs, including one of the royal dorgis. The dorgis first appeared when the Queen's corgi Tiny cross-bred with Princess Margaret's dachshund, Pipkin. There have been 8 dorgis - Tinker, Pickles, Chipper, Piper, Harris, Brandy, Cider and Berry. The Queen currently owns three dorgis (Brandy, Cider and Berry)."

You'd think the Royals of all people would respect the sanctity of a bloodline. Sheesh.

So here's to you Trumpy. We love ya and can't wait for you to come home on Sunday. Only 3 points away from a finished champion. We're almost free!


Anonymous said...

Yay, Trumpet!
VintageCate and Senghe

Anonymous said...

My granddog is a champion with or without the diploma. GramC

GeorgiePorgie said...

Hey, I guess my grand dog does take after me a littl. Those champion lines from Alexander the Great are finally showing up.

Papou George

kimberly sherrod said...

thats too fun! I absolutely adore the first picture! That little guy is so cute! Congrats to Trumpet!!!!!you'll have to make him a crown!

I need orange said...

Congrats on the major!! Wow -- four points! :-)

Do you need another major, or just singles?

-- Vicki