Monday, June 9, 2008

Live Blogging from Arrowmont

Well, I'm here and having a great time with Debbi and Lori and lots of innocent bystanders. I just wanted to let y'all know I'm here safe and sound even though "them Google people caint tell die-rections."

It is a little know fact that "Arrowmont" is the Cherokee word for "molten lava." The term originates from the days when Native Americans would do crafts such as basket weaving and oil painting before retiring to a sweat lodge for the evening.

Maybe you saw it on The Weather Channel? It was approximately 67000 degrees Calvin on the second floor of the Red Barn yesterday. It is cooler today and we have moved to a different room. Thankfully, this one is much more comfortable as it is only a bit warmer than the surface of the sun. I've sweat off seven pounds while cleansing my system of dangerous toxins! Just two of the many benefits of sleep away art camp.

More later, it's kinda hard typing when your left index finger has been violently stabbed with a #3 lino cutting blade (bandages are included in the lab fee). Besides, I can't run the laptop and the box fan at the same time without causing a brown out in Pigeon Forge.

1 comment:

WA said...

Wow--I can't believe you're in the same place where those Hell's Angels beat up the people who were only there to watch The Rolling Stones.

Oh, wait. Maybe that was Altamont.

Never mind. Have fun with your knife.