Sunday, June 29, 2008


Looking at your reference upside down is the next exercise in "Drawing Right." I admired Juliana Coles' self-portrait the current CPS pictured below. That cowgirl's got skills, y'all. See more in her etsy store.

I followed it loosely and this is my result.

Not a great facsimile, I gave mine curly hair and made a couple other edits - some intentional. On the whole, it doesn't stink. I think my portrait looks a little like Linda Hamilton in T2, you know, when she had the killer biceps?


Carol Sloan said...

That woman looks damn mad...realy P.O.'ed, if ya know what I mean. Well, I would be too if I had the problems that she did...(Linda, that is).
Yes, great book btw. Good that you're taking drawing calsses. Good for you!

Carol Sloan said...

BTW, I do LOVE your got some talent girlfriend...