Monday, May 21, 2007

Gone Junkin

This past weekend was the third weekend of the month and you know what that means: Lakewood 400 Antiques with my friend Chris and priceless treasures for under $5. Here's a sample of this month's haul as well as some pictures from our excursion.

I love the paper junk. The matchbook covers were a great find. Perfect for my daily tiles. Keep a look out.

Real wooden checkers in their original box and a tin top.

Glass (emulsion?) photo plates. Gorgeous -- anyone know how to reproduce the images?

Probably not dishwasher safe, but my Gram had a set like this so I had to have them. I love the ice cream bowls especially, but with these colors sherbet would be prettier. And I got the whole set for $20!
I'm calling these three the Andrews Sisters. Their dad was from Greece -- like my dad and someone else's dad, too.

Marie Antoinette with her head still attached.

Is it me or does she look worried?
Took the rest of these at the market -

A suitcase of valentines.

I touched them completely by accident trying to get this shot, so appreciate it! Ach! No, I didn't buy any, but some darker assemblage artist would surely put them to good use.

A long shot of my favorite vendor's space.

I always feel like I want to boil myself after digging through all this musty junk, but it's totally worth it. Just make sure that you're up to date on your immunizations and are not squeamish about handling things that have been in dead people's mouths.
Bobby the Junkman.

Till next month.
I'm going to go play with my new goodies.


judy coates perez said...

that place would be dangerou$ for deb! It looks like great fun.

Those teeth would have been tempting, I could see working them into some paper mache project or something ; )

random notes said...

Score, for sure! I am so jealous, Cheryl. I must make a trip there for myself and dig around all that "good stuff". My flea market experience this weekend was less than friendly or desirable or good in any way. It has changed alot unfortunately. So, on to bigger and better things. Love your pics. hmmm hmmmm hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Those teeth are scaring me. But I'm envious of the paper, especially the checkers box. I haven't had the cash for junking lately, but I did pick up two cool end tables for free on the side of the road!

Julaine Lofquist-Birch said...

I've been known to put a few wierd things on my quilts, but I think I would have to draw the line with the dentures - think of where those teeth have probably been, or what they've been attached to, coming out of the mouth - chomp, chomp, ick, ick, ick...

katie said...

wow, what a treasure trove of goodies you scored! i remember dishes like those, several of my aunties had them, $20 - what a deal!! i hope to find some good flea markets, thrift stores, etc., when i'm in NC. I'm getting so excited for the trip and am looking forward to meeting you!

GeorgiePorgie said...

Hey, what do you mean "junk" - that all looks like good stuff to me.........especially those teeth. At my age, I could thertainly ufe em.


Deb Silva said...

hey Sweetie,

what's cookin, kid stuff keepin you busy?