Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom

My mom is so special we get to celebrate her two days in a row. Here's Mom as a beautiful, doe-eyed bride, 42 years ago next month. My dad once said of my mother: "Anybody who doesn't like your mom has a problem." He's right. It's their loss. She's quick to laugh with you, quick to cry with you, happy when you're happy and happiest when she's feeding a large group. She's the only one I still want when I'm sick.

She taught her three children the importance of proper grammar, the value of good choices, and how to make a good red gravy. (Add sugar if it smells too acidic.) I remember her reading novels, working crosswords, riding her horse, and making Halloween costumes and scores of Christmas cookies. She would lay them on wax paper in shirt boxes and stack them on the dining room table. Pizelles, Italian Knots, Pecan Tassies, they were like little works of art.

I have benefited countless times from my mother's love and discipline, my earliest memory involving a book report on Tecumseh in fifth grade. I procrastinated. She came to the rescue, scolding me for waiting until the last minute, but sitting up with me, helping and proofreading until I'd finished. I learned my lesson.

I used to sit and watch her put on her make-up. I loved the smell of her perfume as she readied herself for a night out with Dad. My mother can open a seemingly empty refrigerator and make a marvelous meal, potatoes and eggs, spaghetti and peas, Athenian pasta -- she's an alchemist that can turn canned goods gourmet. It's never a bad time to call her, she's always happy to hear from you.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Keep swing dancing with Daddy and the years may never catch you.


GeorgiePorgie said...

Okay, you made my cry. That was a beautiful birthday gift. Thank you, Cheryl. I love you and cherish you and me being me is part of having you as my child and in my life. Your mom

Niki said...

Come by and check out my newest contest! lol. It's my very first and I have no one entering. lmbo. :(

one blue egg said...

AH HAH! I FINALLY FOUND YOU!!!! you left a comment on my blog a few posts back re: daisy cottage header...only I've had a dickens of a time finding you as your link back did not work:( I love your place and will be back, ahhhhh your place is lovely! and I loved this post!

Anonymous said...

OK, wait. Your mom's birthday is May 14? My mom's birthday was May 15. Will the connections never cease? I hope you get to enjoy your mom for many, many years to come and I hope to meet her (and Giorgo) some day.

Deb Silva said...

I want to come to your house for dinner - she sounds so wonderful~
I missed you while you were in SC!

Brogato said...

What's that saying, "Whatever they say about me is true?" That's how I feel about what was said about your mother. It was beautiful and easy to see how much she was able to influence three grateful children of her own. It's all about how you raise them.

Happy Birthday Barb! We love you....
- Nancy

random notes said...

I don't think I have to tell you how fortunate you are to have your very special mother in your life. Cherish each moment and I, for one, know what it is like to not have that experience. Happy Birthday to her.

Deb Silva said...

Hey Luvie,
I've started a fun "Studio Photo Challenge" in the spirit of "Where Women Create" and am asking you to be one of the first two participants, (along with Celine Navarro). You can see the details on my blog - - (you just post pics of your studio, then pick two new bloggers to play)~ what d'ya think?

Tula said...

Was her horse's name Shannon Lady? It just popped into my head.

Cheryl Prater said...

It was Shandon Lady. I used to ride her while wearing my favorite "Wet Paint" t-shirt.