Saturday, May 5, 2007



GeorgiePorgie said...

Your "power wardrobe" certainly looks powerful - like Wonder Woman's alter ego. Tell Trumpy we still love him - he's a winner with us.

Nana and Papou

random notes said...

I want a dress like that one! I can wear it to work, to shop to clean and to do art. We all need one like that. Wouldn't we all just look so darling in a dress like that. Oh my, I must be hallucinating. It's all these hormones the doctor has me on. oh Dear...what is a woman to do.

SusanH said...

Yes, Jane would be cute in a dress like that.

And I saw your comment on Jane's blog telling me to come take your class in September - watch out! I just might!!

Susan (from Greenville)

quiltcrazygal said...

Cheryl, I love all of your work, it is way fun! I can't wait to get my CPS issue! Thanks for all the great projects and sharing them with us! Jenny from the Chicago Quilt Show...yes I still have my signed magazine! Hee, Hee! Maybe someday I will get to sign one...who knows:)

Cheryl Prater said...


Are you going to send me more pix!? Loved the little handbag.

xoxox cher