Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Studio Show and Tell

Deb Silva has come up with a great way to embarrass all of her fellow artisans who have a high tolerance for ambiguity (read: messy) -- a Studio Challenge! Hurrah!

I am going to show you the Before and After of my studio/former dining room (who has time for formal dining when there's so much cool stuff to make?) The Before is a distant memory -- the After is the way it usually looks. If not worse. Way worse.



I will see Deb's challenge and raise the ante by going one step further in satisfying the voyeuristic tendencies of you perverted mixed media types -- I am going to let you look in my drawers. *gasp* The scandal!

This is a jewelry armoire given to me by my m-i-l. I put visual tags on each drawer to remind me of what is where and stocked it with my precious it's like a junkery armoire.

I am tagging Debbi Crane and Jane Powell. Don't hate me girls, but you're it. And once you've aired your dirty laundry on your respective blogs, each of you have to tag two (soon to be former) friends, and so on, and so on..........check out Celine Navarro's creative space, it made me want an extreme studio makeover.


Deb Silva said...

Ahhh!! I want a junkery armoire, what a way cool thing to do! Thanks for the quick challenge response,(and phone call), I knew I could count on you!~

GeorgiePorgie said...

GASP!!!!!Cheryl: I'm looking for the vacuum as we speak. You know me. Out of such chaos comes such beautiful art. Love ya Mom

Stephanie said...

I love the idea of using an armoire for this!

Laurie Mika said...

Hey Prat (do people ever call you that...I like it and it might just stick!) Great pictures of the former dining room....why eat, when you can create! As Marie Antoinette said, "Let them eat....Bazzill chips!"
I was quite impressed to see the junkery in such perfect order....everything in its place and a place for everything. I will send you a pic of my not so neat space! I loved your mom's post...sounds like what my mother would write! You take care,

judy coates perez said...

My place always looks like the after picture, I am assuming from your moms response you do manage to get back to the before picture. did you happen to see the recent book that says messiness is a sign of a creative mind? I guess that would mean i am REALLY creative LOL