Sunday, September 30, 2007


If I were my mom I'd say, "This computer hates me!" because Blogger is giving me fits. If I didn't know that everyone has these blankity-blank Blogger problems, I guess I might be more like Mom and take it personally.

I tried to post pictures of both Betsy's and Marilyn's projects, but Blogger kept kicking me out!
Me and Blogger made up and the pix are now posted. Huzzah!

Linda must be too busy hunting down bad guys to email me photos of her pieces. *sniff* And Lynn? Well, there's only a little time left till her mom's birthday and then I'll start publicly nagging her for pictures, too.


e. beck said...

ok ... here's my trick .... i NEVER can get the picture icon to work the first time ... but if i enter the letters at the bottom WRONG ..... the whole page refreshes weith a red line that says , you did it wrong ...and THEN, and only then does that picture icon work for me ..... but if you get the pic icon and things just don't load, can't help ya, babe ...... i'd say that's my two cents .... but it might be more like a nickel......

random notes said...

There's Betsy, big as life in Saluda at Random Arts holding her completed project. I love the way she mounted all 3 in a row. She is wildly happy with her work and she owes it all to you Cheryl honey.
PS. Pictures and blogger don't mix for me. They go where they want no matter how I set it up. I guess they believe in my "no rules" approach.

Anonymous said...

I love how Betsy has all three mounted in a row. You are a good teacher and she added her own touch. I am now having a better relationship with the computer. Love ya