Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Call off the search party

Ok, ok, you can stop the concerned "Everything ok?"emails and harassing phone calls (Dad). There have been confirmed Cheryl sightings in Saluda and parts there bouts. I have to disappear like that every once in a while just to see if y'all notice and are missing me and I did and you were and I'm back!

I had a great time with a whole bunch of creative and talented ladies last Saturday at Random Arts. Jane was a wonderful and gracious hostess, the food from the Saluda Grade was great, and there were plenty of Almond Macaroons on hand (now on thighs) to go around. I wasn't sure how this whole 1.5" square thing would go over, but it's contagious, everybody dove right in. You know small is the new big, right?

I wish I had pictures of every body's projects, but I was so engrossed in our end of class crit and hugging everyone goodbye that I just wasn't thinking. Below are three canvases by Betsy - they feature her mother and two of her aunts. Betsy and several other ladies used metallic paints on their canvases and it looked really wonderful. You know how I love shiny.

The lovely triple-composition below is Crystal's. I am always fascinated by the diverse results the same instruction yields once it is filtered through 18 different points of view.

Ostensibly, I went to Random Arts to teach, but I ended up learning about new materials, getting a fresh perspective on composition, and meeting really interesting people. Would you believe there was a Homicide Detective in the class?! She used a paint technique that mimicked a blood spatter pattern. ; p She had some wonderful Katie Kendrick inspired drawings that she reduced and collaged onto her tiles. Katie, how cool is that? Your drawing inspiration and my 1.5" squares - we're combined in Linda's artwork!
Linda, you were supposed to email me pictures, you bad girl, but I won't insist since you are almost certainly armed and know exactly how to dispose of my body without getting caught.

A few of the ladies had to go before we took the group photo you see here, but you can admire one of the very talented and very absent Marilyn's three pieces below.

The day went so quickly, but my favorite part (besides the Macaroons) was the last 30 minutes when everyone got to see and comment on each other's work and talk about their own pieces and the process.

I hope Jane will have me back soon. Next time I'd like to do a double header two-day class and a double billing - whatcha think Debbi? Maybe by spring we'll be able to leak an idea or two from our upcoming book.


katie said...

Wow, Cher!! I can tell you had a fantastic class and wonderful time. What beautiful and interesting projects people did with the 1.5" then framed format - love it. I SOOOO wish i could have been there to take this class with you all. And how fun to hear about Linda combining the two processes - can't wait to see photos!!
Good to have you back, sweets!

GeorgiePorgie said...

What a great class you guys had and I thought the projects looked super, too.

Is long hair IN again, by the way?

Heh, heh, love you.


e. beck said...

looks like a super fun class!!! glad to see you posting again!

Teresa said...

What a fun looking class! Wow, almond macaroons sound very yummy, have a recipe? :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was gonna tell you that macaroon blog was getting stale.


debbi crane said...

I'm in, of course!
Everybody's stuff looks great. Good job, teacher!

lholmes said...

Cheryl, You are absolutely TOO FUNNY!! Your class was soooo much fun and I can't wait for another one--best class ever! I am suffering from obsession--my sewing room, turned psuedo-studio is covered with paint, paper and little tiles etc. I may have to take a leave of absense from work :). The article I was telling you about in CPS, about monoprinting, is in your Sixtyopoly issue. I meant to ask, do you cut your own chip board or do you have them cut somewhere? I will send you a pic soon. Thanks so much for all the fun!!! and the macaroons :)!

Crystal said...

Cheryl, I had a great time.. You are so funny! The day just seemed to fly by..I can't wait for the next class, if it's two day's I'm bringing my pj's. Thanks to you I'm now making ART every day. Thanks for the fun! Crystal

random notes said...

Yeah Cheryl, You are back with us again after a jampacked weekend of fun at Random Arts in Saluda and... thereabouts, heh heh.
I love the idea of tag teaching with Debbie Crane. Wow - the excitement & wonderment is already oozing out of me. When, when when? OK next year in '08, as all of us are impatiently waiting the arrival of your new book.
Thanks again, everyone loves you. (Do I HAVE to tell you that again?)

Cheryl Prater said...


Funny thing, but hearing about how much everyone loves me never seems to get old. Keep up the good work.

kimsherrod said...

How fun! I feel almost like I was there...without the macaroon crumbs on my shirt and big bags of stamps and supplies stashed in the back of the Durango! Dang! Maybe next year I can come! That would be great!
I bet it was so cool to see how everyone created something different!(I would love to see the blood spatter ones). Glad your back...I am binding a quilt and mailing cupcakes- Have a great day!

kimsherrod said...

your hair is fine.
I cut (chopped) about 6 inches off mine. I think I might have to make an appointment to get it pixied. I am tired of fooling with it!

Cheryl Prater said...

Yeah, CK, my hair is fine -- if you are in 1st grade. Hair clippies and headbands. I'm 40 for cry Pete.

kelly rae said...

this class looks so fun! i had dinner with my new friend laurie mika last nite and she talked so fondly of you and your blog, i had to come over here. you are indeed hilarious. i will be back. loving all your articles in CPS, too!

daisy cottage said...

Hi Cher! I'm just popping in to say hi - and I loved these pictures... you are such a CUTIE!