Sunday, September 9, 2007

Doxie Dreams

The Book deadline is approaching faster than a super-fueled funny car.

I wrapped up a major project today after several weekends of work. Week days are reserved for the pesky day job, helping with homework, and stressing about The Book stuff when I'm doing other things. You know, frivilous stuff like paying bills, going to the dentist and getting the boys haircuts.

As of today, four big projects are completed with three to go. More than halfway home -- I'm seeing daylight. Then the huge task of writing starts and the art for the step outs, tips and exercises.

See how I am? One big accomplishment and I can't even enjoy it, I think: "Did that. What's next? What else do I have to do?" I have been like this my whole life. My dad always tells me, "Celebrate. Take a moment and enjoy this victory." Good advice, Daddy. You've given it more times than I've taken it so here...........I took a moment, now what? (Georgie Porgie is in Greece until the 16th. I miss his comments and phone calls.)

I wish I could post all the cool stuff I've made, but for some reason publishers frown on spilling the jelly beans on your blog. Some nonsense about a contract and getting the milk for free and intellectual property, blah blah blah. Whatever.

Here's a doodle I did tonight. It was fun to just play for a few minutes after working on that big top-secret piece. This is probably what Doxie's dream about: chewing on shoes and yummy people food. Trumpet ate a hair clippy yesterday, but those are too hard to draw so I settled on a strawberry.

And now for something completely different: I'll post some pix of my daily tiles. Remember those? Been a while. Here's a slew of em. Most were scanned while in their little plastic page pockets. The colors aren't as bright and it looks sort of institutional, but I'm too lazy to take them all out for a proper scan session. I did them and that's the important thing. Right? Right?

Aww, everybody's a critic. Cut a girl a break, will ya?


e. beck said...

i had wondered how that inchie a day thing was going with the big book project ..... they look great all bundled together on a page ..... glad you are keeping up with it ..... e

I need orange said...

I love your tiles............ :-)

I want to get a punch -- about 1" square -- one that lets you see what you are going to punch before you punch it.

Am I correct in thinking you have one like that? If so, would you divulge? I also want a 1" circle....


So cool that Trump only needs singles!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! :-)

My email is vln and my domain is :-) You know what to do with the @ :-)

Did you see the dobe sliding/running into the pool on cuteoverload? If not, I've got a link to it. Quite amusing. :-)

-- Vicki

debbi crane said...

That's what I always say, "If you can't draw a hair clippy, a strawberry is a perfectly good substitute."

Anonymous said...

I finally took a look at your blog. Boy, have I missed a lot. Didn't know about the Greek Meet. I am so proud of you. Sorry, for not being up to date. I've been a little in a fog these last three weeks. My other self is gone for a while. Love you Mom

lia said...

LOVE them all and yes, they look great! I wish we could just "beam up" our work in a second, I too don't want to spend a lot of time uploading as it leaves more time for art!! he he...xo Lia

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