Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hair Apparent

In what appears to be a show of solidarity for the GM auto workers, my hair has gone on strike.

It is refusing to style, do anything cute or arrange itself in something resembling organization until....what? WHAT? There's no ransom note. No list of demands to be met. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it!

I made a frantic phone call (she's on speed dial) to Denise, my fabulous, Aussie, hair diva but had to leave a long, explanatory voice mail for her at the salon. She won't give me her cell number. What's with that?


Anonymous said...

That cute little pussy cat does not resemble your hair. I think your hair looks great long. However, I am a long hair fan. I used to put your hair in banana curls when you just a wee one.It probably just needs to be shaped. Try doing that before you cut it all off. I love you. Your Mom

the dreamer said...

Hi, Cheryl! Thanks for dropping by my blog. =) And yes, I was inspired by your Sixtyopoly piece and want to make something out of a cool checkered wooden box I bought but have no idea how to go about it.

I was also inspired to create this when I saw your art and the other featured works in Cloth Paper Scissors. =)

Here's the collage in a box I made:

P.S. Hope the kidnapped hair day turns into a fabulous hair day. Life tends to balance itself out, sooner or later. ;)