Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dang. I'm it.

There I was, minding my own dadburn bidness, not making eye contact with anyone in the blogosphere and out of the clear blue (THWAP!) I get tagged. Chrysti is the assailant of this drive-by: List six quirks about yourself. *sigh* What the hay, I really like Chrysti so I'll give it a shot.
Ok, here's the problem -- after staring at the blinking cursor for a full three minutes, I can't think of a single quirk. I am so totally marinated in my own freakishness that it all just seems normal to me. Ok, I'm going to get serious, here goes.
Let's define quirk, shall we? "An abrupt twist or curve; a peculiar trait." (Not sure I like the sound of that, so let's define a synonym of quirk.) "Idiosyncrasy: to mingle, mix (sounds Ok so far, nice and social, good); a peculiarity of constitution or temperament (hmmm, my constitution is normal, it's the preamble that should worry you); an individualizing characteristic or quality (Um, yeah, so is fingerprint a synonym of quirk? I'm just not feelin it.); characteristic peculiarity as of temperament;"(Well that last bit clears it all up, doesn't it? Clear as mud.)

Maybe we should explore words or names that sound like quirk, i.e. Quark.

This is deteriorating quickly.

I think my main obstacle to creating these lists is that they require introspection and serious self-reflection and that would mean I'd have to stop talking so, you see, I'm already at a real disadvantage. For the more astute blog readers, I'm sure you can make your own list based on this post. I will now tag some REALLY quirky people who should have NO trouble making a list, in fact I know I could make Calamity Kim's and Debbi's up for them, but I may have a problem whittling it down to just six. heh heh. Dawn's six? Easy list for her, she has six kids.

Calamity Kim

Debbi Crane

Dawn Meehan


Anonymous said...

OK,I'll bite:
1. You don't have an "off" switch.
2. You can read and return an email faster than anyone.
3. You can speak Greeklish.
4. You can talk for 5 minutes on any subject (I said talk, not make sense. But people are usually laughing too hard to notice.)
5. You spend more money on dog grooming supplies than most people spend on groceries. (But he's worth it.)
6. You don't sleep. (At least, it seems that way.)

kimberly sherrod said...

double dang!!!! talk about minding your own bidness....and WHAM!!!!!!!!!

debbi crane said...

did it. mine are posted. could have listed more.

chrysti said...

Oh, I so needed this laugh!! This was an awesome post m'dear!

Cecily R said...

You are a GREAT writer. Since you don't know me at all (found you because you tagged Dawn) that probably doesn't mean too much, but...

Anyway, I truly enjoyed your post. Very funny (and quirky! Wow, that was lame).


Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!