Saturday, September 8, 2007

I want to learn how to knit

for this reason if no other:

Here's another reason: cool bloggers who knit. Check em out, y'all.


Laurie Mika said...

Hi You,
Just checkin in....I have to say your little weiner dog is pretty darn cute....and that's coming from a BIG dog lover! Just out blog hopping as I am sitting in a hotel in Oakland (teaching gig).....I love reading your are too funny.
Talk soon,

judy coates perez said...

a hot dog sweater would give you some nice length of sweater to play with. i can't imagine you would have too many days the T dog could where a sweater where you live though. I have made Abby several sweaters and she hates putting them on. even though she really needs them in chicago being she's practically bald and all. Maybe Trumpet needs a line of artistically modified t-shirts with stamps, appliques, stitching and a little rick rack trim or better yet a little dangly pom pom fringe. I can see a whole line of artful haute dog fashions.

wish me luck, i am off to tape my QA segment, eek eek eek! i wish i had some of your hutzpah girl!