Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

We rang in 2008 in South Florida with my folks. No, we didn't get another kid for Christmas, the extra boy you see on the right is my nephew Nick.

No gator heads or windchimes under the tree this year, but I did get an iPhone. I love it more than one should love an inanimate object. I also got knitting needles and yarn. I am going to knit a lens cloth for the iPhone.

I am doing weekly art this year, still square, but much larger: 6" x 6" and canvas.

Some resolutions:

  1. Learn to knit
  2. Read the complete works of Jane Austen (halfway through Emma)
  3. Write more
  4. Worry less
  5. Join a choir
  6. Drink very good Chardonnays (no more $5/bottle swill - life is too short)


debbi crane said...

did you know you can BUY a lens cloth?

e. beck said...

for my adult knitting career (one weekend in may) i knit myself a wallet.... and then i was done with knitting......good luck ..... once you have the lens cloth you could do an itote for the phone .....

daisy cottage said...

Sounds like an awesome list to me!
Happy New Year Cher!!!


random notes said...

Did you say you are going to knit a loin cloth? You see where my mind is?
Not a bad idea for an iphone though.