Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trumpet ate a bird.

A chickadee. It got trapped in our screened in porch and he caught it. Mark and Conn chased him and tried to get him to give it up, but Trumpy ran fast and chewed faster. *gulp*

Just when I think I have anthropomorphized him completely, attributing to him all sorts of complex emotions and thoughts, he does something so dang dog-like. Eats a bird. Then chucks up the feathers.

I hope he feels guilty.


TandJ said...

Hope it tasted good!
I can't stand when the cat eats bugs.

Brogato Family said...

He's so dog-gone cute!

kathi said...

How funny! My little Nugget gulped down a squirrel once! He is very distraught over Maggie's new beau too.

Chicken Lips said...

Cute! That really made me smile!