Sunday, January 6, 2008

Week 1: Tough Guy

So here is week one's effort on my new size: 6 x 6, fully 4 times the area I had to work with last year. I wish I were more disciplined. More regimented. Dependable. I wish I were more like Debbi who just began year 5 of daily art. I'm just too easily distracted. Or lazy. Or flaky.

The photo is printed on muslin, adhered to the canvas with a skim coat of gel medium under and over the photo. Done in acrylic with a collaged Greek word (TraHEES meaning rough or tough) and Caran d'Ache.

The man on the bottom right is my Popou Maki, he was very strong, very rough and tough. He was from Crete and lived well into his nineties. My dad used to tell us Popou Maki could pull a tree up out of the ground with his bare hands. Roots and all.


debbi crane said...

love it.

CWerst said...

I like the layers of color. You will have to show me how you print on cloth.


Vintagecate said...

Nice Greek boys, all. And wonderful art.