Thursday, January 10, 2008

Week Two: Save

I think this weekly thing is going to be much more doable for me - I have the freedom of more time to complete my assignment as well as more surface area to work with - twelve times more.

I've noticed after two 6"x 6" pieces that my image choices and scale are very different in the bigger size. Next week I am going to try to replicate the proportion from some 1.5" squares and see what happens.

The folks in the photo are the Gareys: Baby Tony, Bob, Kay, Carol (my mother-in-law) Cooky, and Mickey. Bob and Kay's thriftiness is the stuff of legend.


Anonymous said...

I love the piece, but the baby is Pat. I think Tony was excused from this trip because of baseball game, was with the Hudsons?

The effect of the blurring over bright color is wonderful.


random notes said...

The weekly thing is so much more do-able and less stressing. Besides you have a whole week to think about the process and bits at a time. This one has some great color and contrast.
Glad you're back.

Anna Maria said...

hi you, long time no email. finishing up the bbok which is why I am here to say hi and procrastinate.