Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Focus like a laser beam

When I look at the scans of my tiles on the blog, even I forget how small they actually are. The chipboard pieces I work on -- my little canvases -- are only 1.5" square.

I write big, I laugh loudly, the combination of my hair and shoes add several inches to my height. Working in this diminutive scale is an ongoing lesson in editing and self-restraint.

Are you surprised when seeing the size of the tile in relation to the quarter? I am and I made the thing.

Unfortunately, this tile, a transparency treated with metallic powders and mica, did not translate well on the scan. Maybe the light bounced around too much, distorting the image. It's actually one of my favorites. It reminds me of those little linticular pictures we used to pick out of Cracker-Jack boxes. You know, the ones where the images seemed to move when you wiggled it in your hand. In person, this tile has that kind of quality.

Of the many pieces of sage advice my quotable friend at Random Arts gives me, maybe "small is mighty" is finally sinking in.

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random notes said...

Did I say that? Didn't I tell you that I cannot remember anything? Love these "little" things. Let's do those in a class here. Little tiles... That would be so different than anything else that we do. I like it.
The friend at random arts in saluda