Sunday, January 7, 2007

Inspired by "Transparent Art"

It's dark and rainy, a perfect day to play in my studio. Here are the Befores & Afters of two collages I did today. Both pieces were done by painting the back of an ink-jet transparency as well as adding decorative papers behind the images. Both images were scanned from the collection of treasures Carmen loaned me. I still can't believe she actually had a cabinet card where the girl is already a butterfly complete with wings (left). As you can see, the wings were sheer and barely visible in the original, I added the fern leaves. The little baby in the second piece looks so worried.

If you don't have Transparent Art from Stampington in your library yet, but would like learn more about working with transparencies, it's a great resource with step-by-step instructions.

(Hat tip Jennifer Duncan for her technique pp. 26 - 32)

I have been on a book buying binge. I eat them up!


GeorgiePorgie said...

These are beautiful.

Aren't books great? I just got new glasses and I'm looking forward to a lot of reading again.
Which brings me to my main point - your writing is every bit as colorful and impacting as your collages. Please start writing - short stories, descriptions, short biographies. Start honing that other great gift you have. I think it's huge....

HSArtgirl said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. Now you have inspired me to go out and get that book from Stampington (I have a coupon from them around here somewhere!). What a blessing your talent is, and I really enjoyed your spread in CPS. Susan Dill, League City, TX