Thursday, January 18, 2007

Maybe I should have done a kiwi bird?

Thanks to the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors and my interview on Pokey's blog, I have been receiving email from people in foreign countries and exotic locales like Canada and Australia and New Zealand and Texas.

Thank you for your emails. So amazing. When I was making Sixtyopoly for Carol I never DREAMED that it would reach across the International Date Line! Which reminds me, Rebecca: it's already Friday where you are -- let me know if it's a g'day so I'll know what to expect tomorrow, all right?

I love getting your emails. And it's good to know that my parents are not the only ones who read my blog -- even if Mom looks at it last of all of her blog visits! ;) I would still do this even if no one was looking, but it's WAY more fun when I know that you are!

I'd like to take this opportunity to give a big, fat, Greek shout out to all of the Athanasios namesakes in my family: to my brother Tommy Karounos (sorry Tom, but you'll ALWAYS be Tommy -- it'll be cute when your 80, I hope you can wait) and to my cousins Arty Karoubas and Thanasi Karounos:

Xronia Pola kai s'agapo para polee!
Tomorrow my tile will be dedicated to our Popou Thanasi.

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Art said...

Thanks Cousin. Way to keep active, productive and creative. Keep up the good work!