Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tony's Shadow Box

If you saw my
interview on the CPS blog, you read that Sixtyopoly was spurred on by a shadow box I altered and designed for Carol's brother, Tony. This is the box: Remembering Bob Garey.

What made it particularly wonderful were all of the items that belonged to Pawpaw and the excerpts from the beautiful eulogy Cooky wrote adorning the frame.

Carol found a piece of fabric that reminded her of one of her dad's shirts so she sewed a "shirt pocket" out of it where we put some of his tools, tooth-marked pencils and the omni-present Mercurochrome.

Bob Garey drove Chryslers, drank Busch beer, loved fishing and could make or fix anything "out at work" where he worked on the Gemini Space Craft, among other things, and was a tool and die maker for McDonnell Douglas.

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HSArtgirl said...

You are so lucky to have a MIL who appreciates you and your art. My MIL would just add it to her collection of stuff in her house. "Tony's Shadow Box" is beautiful... What a way to showcase all those memories. I know that he will treasure it forever.