Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

I hesitate to even make this information public because then someone will be an absolute pain and actually hold me accountable, but I would like to create -- no strike that -- I am GOING TO CREATE some small piece of art everyday a la Daily Art Diva Debbi Crane. That woman has her 2007 goals posted already, including a mini marathon! Nobody likes a show off.

I racked my brain on what could be small enough and doable enough for me to stick to this thing for a week or so....I mean a year. I considered doing ATCs but even that seemed too daunting. (I know, I'm a wimp.) So here's what I have decided: I am going to make a 1.5" game square collage on every day in 2007 ending in y.

I went a little crazy today so here are the squares I have done so far for 2007 (Deb: does this buy me eleven days or do I have to do one tomorrow? Is there an official ruling on that?) They were all made using the contact paper transfer technique. Some are family members and ancestors -- my mom is the little girls on the sage green. Some are illustrations from Hardy Boys books. (I used my new Xyron to adhere the collage to the chip board. That thing is so cool.) Seeing them all tiled like this makes me think that maybe I will put them all in a mosaic? Don't know yet.

At right, a shot of aforementioned Daily Diva's "Seriously Limited Edition Christmas Card Book." I am so stoked that I actually merited one of these little gems.

Oh, and the count down has officially started. In 47 days I will kiss my 30s goodbye. Yikes.

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